I suffered from primary infertility because of Tubal block. I took treatments elsewhere for more than 3years but nothing was successful. I took treatment on Dr.Amarís advice. Amazingly my tubal block got cleared just within 4 sittings and I conceived within 8 months after starting treatment. I am blessed with a male child. I am grateful to Dr.Amar for his advice and treatment.
Mrs.Harini, Rajahmundry

   I used to suffer a lot from severe menstrual bleeding because of uterine fibroids. I was advised hysterectomy by gynecologists, which I refused. But, Dr.Amar has controlled my bleeding problem in just 4 days. I am very much impressed by Dr.Amarís approach and compassionate nature towards his patients. I am very much thankful to Dr.Amar and my friend who introduced him to me.
S.Mani, Age 45yrs,Vijayawada

   I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was on Eltroxin 100 mcg, even though I suffered from heavy menstrual bleeding because of my uncontrolled TSH level, which was 99 ĶIU/mL (normal level 0.4 to 4.2 ĶIU/mL). My TSH level came to 23 ĶIU/mL within 20 days after starting Dr.Amarís treatment and came to complete normal with in 3 months. Now I am completely free from hypothyroidism from the past 2 years. Thank you Doctor.
S.Vyshnavi, 20yrs, Machilipatnam.

  I have been suffering from Hypothyroidism for the past 4 years and used to suffer from multiple joint pains, weakness, and irregular menstrual cycles despite of my using elroxin 100 mcg. With in 2 months after starting Dr.Amarís medication my THS levels got down to 5.95 ĶIU/mL (Before it was 19 ĶIU/mL) and I am completely free from hypothyroid problems. Thanks to Dr.Amar. God bless him
Mrs. B.Sailaja, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  My mother aged 88 yrs has been suffering from Hemiplegia because of head injury and has been in coma stage for the past 3 years. In the year 2011 she suffered from severe bed sores on her buttocks and thighs because of improper nursing care in a private superspeciality hospital where she was admitted. I was told that these bed sore are difficult to treat and they could even lead to sepsis and death. After her discharge from that hospital I approached Dr.Amar. He cured my motherís bed sores in 2 months with utmost care. My sincere thanks to Dr.Amar for his help and efforts
P.Rama Ketharnath, Rtd Principal, Vijayawada

  I was advised surgery for my chronic fissure- in-ano problem elsewhere. I approached Dr.Amar in the month of march 2013. I got great relief from my annoying fissure- in- ano in 7days with out surgery.I am very happy now.
Mrs.XYZ, Guntur

  Dr.Amar has cured my fistula-in-ano with his Khsar-Sutra treatment in 2 weeks. Though it was bit painful initially, the relief after treatment was amazing and I strongly recommend Dr.Amarís treatment for fistula-in-ano.
Srinivas, Vijayawada

  In 2006 I underwent surgery for my piles problem. The problem has reoccurred with in 1 year and this time I didnít go for surgery as it has low success rate, instead I approached Dr.Amar and took kshar-sutra (Medicated Seton ) treatment and got relieved from piles in just 3days.The problem has not recurred since then. I am completely free from piles and very happy. Thanks to Dr.Amar and his team.
Suresh, Hyderabad

  I got complete relief from my chronic Psoriasis which I have been suffering from 15 years. Thank you very much to Dr.Amar.

  I am a diabetic patient for the past 7 years. I started suffering from severe burning sensation of my feet because of my uncontrolled blood sugar levels. After taking Dr.Amarís treatment my blood sugar levels have been under control and I my neuropathy got completely cured.
Mrs.MahaLakshmi, 68 years, Jujjuru

  My blood pressure was always on higher end despite of using anti-hypertensives regularly. I met Dr.Amar for my problem in December 2012. After 21 days of my treatment under Dr.Amarís advise, now my blood pressure is normal and I stopped using anti-hypertensive medication.
Venkateswarlu, 55 yrs, Vijayawada

  I am completely free from my Migraine head aches. Thanks to Dr.Amar
Mrs.Vidhya ,40 years,Vijayawada